The Pastor,who promises to call his wife, have been killed.

A Pastor has been killed.He promises to call the wife when he gets to his house. He was killed when he wanted to travel in Zango- Kataf. Sarah, the wife of the deceased said he promised to call when he reaches his destination and that was the last word he heard from his husband. The call he promised to call never came through because he had been killed. The worst part was how the killers dismembered his body and drooped his body in a pit. Ever since his death, life has not been the same for the widow and her mother again.

Sarah, the wife of a pastor who was killed around Zango-Kataf has lamented over the death of her husband. The area is known for its notorious activities and Yakubu Silas while he was alive would warn his family never to come out whenever it is 4 pm. Revd. Yakubu Silas is the pastor of Evangelical Church Winning All. He is the son of Alisabatu Silas, who happens to be his mother. His father has been dead twenty years ago and he became the breadwinner for the family.

The mother of the deceased said, his son would always tell him not to go out whenever it’s 4 pm. This is because of the situation of things in the community. The deceased also didn’t know he would be a victim of such. He was killed in that same community of Zango-Kataf and his body was dropped in a pit. Since then, it has been difficult for the family to feed or eat

The reason for this is that since the death of their father who was also a pastor, he became the breadwinner. He was the one feeding the family before his death on September 11th of this month. This is what we are facing in Nigeria presently. There is no security and hardly would there be any meaningful development if there’s no security in the country. People are not sure of their lives anymore. They could be killed or dead at any moment.

This country cannot secure the life of its citizens as stipulated in the constitution.

What a wicked world?