Reasons why you should NEVER wear makeup to bed.

A woman wearing makeup to bed

Why you should wipe off the makeup

Do you ever feel to lazy to wipe off your makeup after a long day?? Probably you may be too tired or you just forgot.

The following should give you reasons whyyou MUST wipe it offfff..

1. Premature Aging and Wrinkles: Try imagining the horror of seeing wrinkles on your face in front of the mirror. If you want to delay ageing, we suggest you take your pre-retirement makeup removal routine seriously. The ageing process of your skin will accelerate if you sleep with makeup on. It is always advisable to fight off exhaustion and take the trouble to remove makeup elaborately. Just remember, a few extra minutes in front of the mirror would save you a lot of money on anti-ageing creams.


2. Clogging up of skin pores: It is a scientifically proven fact that if one goes to bed with the day’s makeup, clogged up pores are guaranteed. Clogged pores would come in your way of achieving perfect complexion.


3. Drying of skin: The makeup that felt so fresh and flawless on you in the morning actually sucks out all the moisture and hydration from your skin, and for your skin to rejuvenate and replenish lost moisture levels, you need to clean your skin thoroughly at the end of the day. Makeup that’s left overnight will suck all moisture further down your skin cells.




4. Formation of acne and breakouts: Your makeup, that you were too lazy to remove last night, in turn plays its dirty hand in acting like a breeding ground for bacteria with dust, grime, oil, and makeup. Don’t be surprised if a pesky visitor says “hi” to you next morning. Acne will show up on your face courtesy neglecting your skin care routine at night.


5. Skin inflammation: As we all are well aware makeup products often come loaded with chemicals including preservatives like parabens, fragrances, and dye, that if left on for long on the face, can irritate and cause inflammation. These chemicals can also hinder cell renewal process. Common side effects are whiteheads, blackheads, and zits.


6. Falling off of eyelashes: Mascara that is perhaps the most important of all makeup items, can weaken eyelashes if you do not take them off the lashes at night.



7. Dullness of skin: Dirt, grime, and oil can dull out your complexion and rob the skin of its brightness. External pollutants also get accumulated over the outermost layer of skin making matters worse when you hit the bed with a full face of makeup on.


8. Eye Irritation: Long-wearing eyeliners and mascaras can lead to severe irritation of eye when such makeup items get into the eyes during sleep. A gentle massage with coconut oil can remove the stubbornest of eye makeup at night, so do not skip this step.


9. Chapped lips: Dry, matte lipsticks rob the natural moisture of your lips, leaving them chapped and dry in the morning. As mentioned before, just a bit of coconut oil can take them down just in a few seconds.




10. Skin infection: You are putting your skin at the risk of developing infections by leaving makeup on all night. Studies have shown that although sleeping with makeup on doesn’t directly cause skin infection; however, if one suffers from zits and pimples or some similar active skin abrasion, that might lead to a serious skin condition on account of your skin barrier getting compromised during sleep. Hence, it is most advisable to remove makeup before going to sleep or you might have to visit a dermatologist soon.


11. Prevention of Normal Skin Functions: A layer of makeup on your skin for long hours and particularly overnight will suffocate your skin, depriving it of its chance to rejuvenate itself, repair and resume normal skin functions. This can have serious repercussions due to the free radicals in the atmosphere adding to the oxidative stress on your skin, not to mention all the oil and other pollutants that are already on there.


12. Skin gets exposed to harmful pollutants: External pollutants that you accumulated all through the day on your skin work mercilessly on your skin when you leave them overnight over makeup on your skin. If you neglect such pollutants, the repeated oxidative chain reactions will stress your skin further by putting it in the stage of increase of sensitivity. The interesting part is makeup contains some substances that can easily absorb these harmful pollutants. The end result is glowing skin turning into a disaster. So, act wisely and remove makeup daily on top priority.




So, even if you are super tired, never ever forget to remove your makeup. Remember makeup removal is as important as flawless makeup application. Stay pretty, you all and give makeup removal the utmost importance. Till next time, take care and thanks for reading!




A woman wearing makeup to bed
Why you should wipe off the makeup