Policemen attacked in Lagos,one of its members killed.

A group of mob, identified as Okada rider have been reported to have attacked police in their van.

It was reliably learned that the team of heavily armed policemen from the department of operations at the command headquarters stormed  the popular but notorious Okada riders park near Eleganza and Canoe areas and we’re busy implementing the state government restriction order on commercial motorcyclists when the bubble burst.

The riders were enraged by the constant raid and tried to resist police efforts to impound their bikes. Some of them reportedly cleverly but dangerously manouvered their bikes out from the area while the unfortunate ones had to grapple with the police who we’re busy impounding bikes. The situation, however, took a different dimension when those that escaped from the areas re-grouped and surged forward to confront the police.

They were reportedly advancing towards the police in their numbers armed with dangerous weapons which included; cudgels, sticks and stones. They succeeded in chasing the armed policemen out from there and even continued the chase towards the main gate leading to the estate.

At this stage, it was learned that the police team led by CSP Abonde abandoned their patrol vehicle and disappeared in different directions. Eyewitness account said CSP Abonde was busy making frantic efforts to calm the situation after his boys disappeared and the crowd succeeded in vandalizing their vehicle when a gun shot rang out from the surging crowd and hit him.

He was severely wounded, other Policemen who were supposed to rescue him to a nearby hospital took to their heels, because of the further attack by the mob.

On of the passer-by who pleadeed anonymous said that,they rushed the victim to the nearly hospital,who was so thankful to them for their assistant.

At the hospital gate, while waiting for the Nurses arrival, the Okada riders numbered more than 40 emerged, attacking them.

All of them took to their heels, this promted them to stone the officer,who was once a DPO, and a legal Practitioner awaiting retirement in few days to death.

One of the Okada rider said that,their actions is borned out of Police inhumane treatment on them,who most times confisticate confisticate their Okada and sells,at the pretext of taking it to the Government.The

Security Personnel frown at such an act,as the Okada riders are armed with ammunitions which they used in killing the officer.