One of the communities created by a lady without allowing men to enter.

We all know that God created everyone including women and men to live in peace in this World but despite that we have heard stories of Villages where men or women are not allowed to enter. One of these Villages can be found in a Country in Africa called Kenya.

This Village which is known as Umoja which stands for Unity in English came into existence in 1990 after a woman known as Rebecca Lolosisi and other women started the Village from abandoned Land.

During an interview, Rebecca stated that she and the women who created the village suffered extreme torture from men including their husbands so they decided that the only way to end the suffering is to go to a place that is free from men and that was how they created Umoja Village.

Although Umoja was created by Rebecca and fourteen other women, the Village is now home to several women because women from other Countries also went to live in the Village. Today the Village is among the famous Villages in Kenya, they have built several Social amenities such as schools, markets and many more and the women make a living by selling different items such as beads, Jewelries and many more.
The women of Umoja Village are also very strong and they can do several hard jobs that are mostly done by men, they also built Thorn fence to protect the Village and they also have female Leaders and Chiefs.