My boss likes to rape me,a lady laments.

Ellena has been working as a househelp since when she was six. Her dad died while she was young and she was left under the care of her mother but,due to poverty, her mum was unable to sponsor her in school.

The mother became a drunk because she couldn’t support Ellena and all she could do was to drive her about, making her work as a househelp for other people while she (the mother) is collecting her salary.

There were times when her boss would force himself on her at night in front of his children. Nobody knew what Ellena was going through.

If she was allowed to go home, she would resist, but her mother would compel her, and she would return home broken-hearted.

So, she chose to return home, but her mother would always take her to other houses so that she could make money.

Ellena has worked as a housekeeper since she was a small girl, and continues to do so. Eventually, she was able to escape at the age of 17 and decided to find a job because her mother used to steal all the money and leave her daughter with nothing.

The housemaid is still hoping to accomplish her dream of becoming an actress in future, despite the fact that she does not have the opportunity to attend school as other people do.

She is hoping on God for a turn around.