Mirable attempts suicide.

Recently, Mirabel took to her Instagram account to revealed the damages the video has caused within her family as her father lost contracts because of it. She is also mentioned the harassment and hate speech she is getting from people especially from her fellow ladies.

As of last week, first year medical student of University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, Obi Mirabel gained public attentions after a video of her twerking inside the school while in a competition for 30 thousand Naira trended on social media. The video caused mixed reactions within Nigerians which made the twerker to came out and cleared the air about what happened.

Why I think people should reach out to her is that;

If there are good friends around Mirabel, the best thing I think they can do for her right now is to console her and tell her the fact that this hard time will surely come to pass because no condition is permanent. Other Nigerians can also help the student by sending positive and encouraging messages to her instead of using every opportunity to bully her over the regrettable mistake.

How Mirabel ended her recent post on IG shows that she may be thinking of harming herself in order to end all of this. Since her act has brought shame to her family, she’ll always try to find way to restore back her family dignity which she would probably have no other choice but to eliminate herself. Thus made her to say “Am very tired, maybe when I leave, you all will rest.”