Meet fast rising Gospel artiste U-GEE

Fast-raising gospel act, Ugochukwu Okereafor, popularly known as U-Gee, has revealed that his sparkling looks is meant to win the heart of youths for Christ as well as to populate the kingdom of God through gospel music.

The Imo State-born musician, who has carved a niche for himself in the gospel music industry with a difference, expressed his readiness to impact lives through his vision and talent.

U-Gee stressed that ‘many are called, but few are chosen!’ He added: “I know I have been chosen in this path of life to pass a message through the gospel platforms and this is where I feel fulfilled as well.”

“As a Christian, self-righteousness is like a filthy rag before God. My outward looks don’t depict who I am on the inside. It is the only fashion and brand that I love. I use my brand and looks to attract the young ones and to let them know you don’t have to look this way to be a secular artiste; that you can look like me and be a made gospel brand as well! Because dreads and style of dressing are not meant for one side of genre alone!

“My lyrics are edifying and scriptural! The word of God is in my songs and the spirit is there too! Listening to my songs is God talking already. It won’t take long before there is a transformation in your life. Also, by modeling a good life and example for the young and upcoming ones,” he added.