Many were called but six were chosen for the finale>>The Voice Nigeria

The most anticipated finale of the year is here. The finale of  The Voice Nigeria season 3. With the best six making it to the final round, the finale will be nothing short of thrilling with the electrifying performances of the talents at the most recent episode of the show. But only one winner backed by viewers’ votes will emerge.Last week, the votes were in favour of Esther, Naomi Mac, kepee, Dapo, Eazzie and Kitay leaving Anu and Nuel Ayo out of the show.

You will recall that the show had over fourteen thousand entries, just a handful making it to the blind auditions. While some were lucky to get a chair turn from our distinguished coaches, others were encouraged to try another time and so the journey began for the selected ones.

From the blind auditions which is one of the most unique parts of the show, where Coaches choose talents and talents likewise decide their fate by convincing the coaches with their voices just to get a chair turn from either one of them or all four coaches to each contestant picking the coach they would want to train them through the musical journey then to the battles where talents fight for their spot at the live shows.

The Coaches have been exceptional and excellent in their duties, mentoring and training the talents as a group as well as individuals and this has given room for growth and improvements on the talents part.

The live show of the contest is very intense as talents are saved by their coaches first then subsequently by the people’s votes.

The Voice Nigeria season 3 is sponsored by First Bank, Baba Ijebu and  Airtel