Man Who was Sacked after Saving his Three Kids from Gunfire Gets N125 Million from Strangers

A man’s heroic act that prevented what would have claimed the lives of innocent children cost him his means of livelihood Anderson had gone to get a car for his wife to mark her birthday when gunmen opened fire at the location he was with the kids Though he sustained three gunshots and bullet wounds, the heroic Anderson is now richer by millions

A dad heroic act that had cost him his jobs has turned him into a millionaire.


Reports said that Anderson Jefferson had gone to a car dealership shop along with three of his kids to get a whip for his wife on her birthday when some gunmen attacked the place. Strangers gift dad who lost jobs after rescuing his kids N123 million He rescued the three kids from a gunfire incident UGC Jefferson in an attempt to save his kids had shielded them but got hit three times. TMZ claim that the father and his kids were not the targets of the Bronx, New York shooting. Unfortunately, Jefferson lost his jobs as a head painter and construction worker as the injuries to his thigh and foot meant he couldn’t walk. A family friend, Serena Wingate, set up a GoFundMe which had raked in $305,000 (N125, 431,250) as many people were moved by the heroic act of the man.