Housemaid that add hypo to her boss food.Read for what happened.

In a recent video shared by Instablog9ja, A young house help was caught poisoning her sick Boss’s food.

She allegedly added hypo into her boss food, she didn’t know she was being watched.

At first she denied that she never added anything into the meal, She was then asked to eat the food in which she refused.

She layer confessed to pouring hypo bleach into the meal while dishing it out for her sick boss.

When asked her motive for adding the hypo bleach into the meal, she couldn’t give any reasonable reason, claiming that it was the devil.

She has now been reported to the police, as claimed by her boss, where she would be interrogated properly.

This goes a long way to reveal how evil the heart of many can be. This should teach those of us who love to engage the service of a house help a lesson.

Try as much as possible to stop taking in house helps, and if you ever need one, take in someone you are very familiar with, as a house help, because bringing in strangers to your home can be quite dangerous, as you may not know their true intentions.

You can always monitor them whenever they are in the kitchen, or totally prohibit them from serving or preparing meals.

It’s better to take precautions than fall victim.
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