Bill and Melinda Gates are officially divorced.

One of the world’s  richest couples Bill Gates and Melinda, have finally ended their divorce case and are now single. Their 27-year marriage was ended on Monday, August 2, after a King County court in Washington state approved their divorce, according to thee paperwork noted that Melinda would not be changing her second name and was not offered any spousal support, which she said was unnecessary for her original filing.

There were also decisions to be made about the division of their property which was in a separate agreement not included in the Monday ruling. According to TMZ, the divorce settlement could leave Melinda $65 billion richer (over N26 trillion), with her ex-hubby net worth estimated to be $130 billion (over N53 trillion).

Melinda filed for divorce way back in May and there was no prenup in the filing. In a joint statement shared on their personal social media account, the former couple noted their decision was made after “a great deal of thought” and putting a lot of work into their relationship.

They promised to continue working together in the foundation but felt they would not work as a couple. Bill and Melinda noted the reason was they “no longer believe we can grow together as a couple” in the next phase of their lives.

Meanwhile, following their divorce, Bill Gates and his wife are already sharing their fortune, and Melinda’s wealth in the process has shot up, making her a billionaire.

The Microsoft founder’s ex-wife got a transfer of $1.8 billion (N684,900,000,000) in Cascade Investment on Monday, May 3, on the same day they made their divorce public to the media. With the wealth allocation, the former wife of the tech giant is now richer as Gates’ fortune takes a mild hit.