An Army Person lost his life over his refusal to loot funds- the deceased cry.

Oluwaseun Sakaba, the widow of late Col. Ibrahim Sakaba has accused the Nigerian Army of assassinating her husband for refusing to part of an alleged plot to steal funds meant for fighting the Boko Haram insurgency in the North.

According to People’s Gazette, Mrs Sakaba’s statement was in reaction to the army’s statement on Tuesday that over a thousand Boko haram Terrorists surrendered in Bama on Monday and pleaded for forgiveness from Nigerians.

She angrily took to Instagram to lampoon the army over the report “I should forgive them for making many women widows and kids fatherless. I should forgive them for (your failure to pay) my late husband dues! I should forgive them for all their atrocities done to my family,” she wrote.

“You shot my husband dead in his office that you pretended to be a friendly force just because he refused (sic) to be part of your plots. Time for dragging now.”

“You are complete assh*les to even have the intermediary to post this on your page! Like you kidding me … all the pains families and loved ones have suffered we (sic) be on your head… you nitwits… all the blood of soldiers we ask you all.”

Her comments have generated serious reactions online with many Nigerians calling for an internal investigation into the circumstances regarding the late military officer’s death.