A man narrates on how his wife have been lamenting for the past 17years, after their marriage.

Each day has it’s own trouble for different calibers of personalities. When some are living their best days, others are going through unspeakable pains and sufferings. When some are busy throwing away food because they feel they don’t like the food anymore, others are dying of hunger.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a story of a woman who has been screaming uncontrollably for the past 17 years. According to the the woman’s husband who was interviewed by Afrimax English, he narrates:

“My name is Kamuhanda Celestine, and my wife’s name is Mukakabera Flaviana. I got married to my wife by law and in front of God. After we got married, we both started living happily, and we started having children. My wife and I made sure that we worked hard to train our children.

“My wife and I have spent 20 years together. In the additional 17 years and now it makes it 37 years in total. One day, my wife started complaining that her body was paining her. I got her a pain killer medicine, and after she finished taking the medicine, it became worse. I took her to the nearby hospital for her to be treated. The doctors carried a test on her, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. When we returned to the house, she started screaming uncontrollably. I keep looking after my wife day and night. Suddenly, my wife’s thigh started having injuries. My neighbors have all left us alone because they can’t bear the shout my wife makes all the time. I took my wife again to another hospital for her to be treated, but the doctor couldn’t find the cause of her screaming after carrying a test on her. As long as my wife keeps screaming and saying strange words from her mouth, I can’t sleep nor rest.

“My children and I are the one taking care of my wife in her condition. I took a bold step and sold my house to raise money so as to take my wife to the hospital in the city. After I took my wife to the hospital in the city, the doctor carried out a scan test on her, and because of her high body temperature, the doctor used ice block to cover her body so that they could carry a better treatment on her.

“To my greatest surprise, she started getting better, she stopped screaming. Right now, we don’t have anywhere else to go because I have sold everything I have labored for to take my wife to the hospital. One day, the sickness returned, and she started acting the same way she used to act. This is my worst nightmare”..

Indeed, this is very pathetic. Readers, do you have any suggestion on this matter?
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