A dreadful stream in Benue state.

The Awube stream is located in Ipole Ugbugbu Owukpa Local Government Area of Benue State and it is the major source of livelihood for the people in the community. The stream is the only source of water in the community, and Ugbugbu people are fond of bathing and washing themselves in it despite drinking and using it to cook. As unhygienic as one would think the water is, Ugbugbu people drink it without boiling it and they have never fallen sick of any water-related diseases, like cholera.

The existence of Awube stream is still a mystery yet to be unravelled as it has never dried up at any point; it flows throughout the year without drying up even during the dry season. The stream is divided into two sections and the up section is where the men take their bath, while the down section is where the women take their bath. The Ugbugbu people are often scared of urinating or defecating inside the stream because of the myth that whoever does that will become impotent.

In curiosity, the Daily Post reporter met the Youth leader in Ugbugbu community and explained to him what he saw while at the stream. He [ the youth leader] told him that Awube stream used to be very mysterious and that in those days, light used to shine across the stream at midnight. Another community elder told the reporter that Awube was once a shrine and that it was when Christianity took over the community most of them stopped worshiping Awube. A woman leader in the community also revealed things about the stream as she disclosed that those with ‘ogbanje’ spirits are healed after they are taken to the stream by a priest for cleansing.

Who Saw The Image Similar To A Human Face In the Middle Of the Stream,a reporter embarked on a trip to Ugbugbu to know more about the stream which people drink water from without knowing the source and when he got there, he saw a young man bathing inside the stream. He thought of taking images of the stream while the young man was still taking his bath, but he discouraged him from doing so as he told him that a chief priest once gave a warning that no one should make publications to reveal the things done in the stream. He obeyed him but later went back to the stream in the evening. On getting there, the Daily Post reporter brought out his phone to take images of the stream, but to his greatest surprise, an image similar to a human head appeared in the middle of the stream when he was about taking the shot.