A 29 year Old birthday celebrant,shots dead by Policemen.

A boy identified as Gift has been shot dead by Policemen on his birthday.

The source noted: “the young boy was doing his birthday in a bar. It was like police came to raid everybody at the bar where he is doing his birthday.

“The boy came out to tell the police that he is celebrating  his birthday and that they were not fighting. The police ran back and cracked his gun, as he cracked his gun trying to harass the boy, the boy wanted to run away, he now shot at him.

“As he shot at him on his leg, the police carried the boy in their van and left. They took the boy to the police station before they carried him to the hospital, the boy now gave up. 

“So, the community got angry and blocked the federal roads in Obinomba community.They are agitating that the police man that shot him must be brought to book.”

It has been reported to the Police Command of that Community, and they promise to bring the punishment on him.