A lady killed in Akwa-Ibom state.

This happened in Akwa-Ibom state.A lady who had a child dedication went to the market,at Okpopko market at Ekom Iman Junction.

Almost being done with the items she went to purchase, she was being accused by the seller of making away with her two thousand naira (#2,000),she denied such an allegation, but opted to give her accuser the money for peace to reign.

The accuser (the seller) refused the money from the accused(the buyer) and raised an alarm which draw the attention of the angry mob,who beats her (the accused) to porp, uses metals all over her body, some even inserted metal in her vagin@.

After some minutes, the lady saw her money inside her purse.

It was already late, the lady died later.

The husband just arrange the wife(the murdered lady), inside a coffin and takes it to the market women.

The market is currently locked.

Okpopko market at Ekom Iman Junction in Uyo is currently locked.

Still waiting for Police report.What a wicked world?